Words are things, and when it comes to nature and design, you cannot go wrong. Luce di Carrara belongs to an area that is unique in the world, always looking forward and determining the future.

Marble is not just a word, it is a style, a way of seeing and interpreting the world of things.

For designers from all over the world, Luce di Carrara means having a material, a language and a flexible design composition, but without the imposition of a style since it embodies all.

Consequently, everyone with ideas and creative sensitivity will be able to draw objects, architecture and cities with a personal vision of the world, yet they will always be seen to belong to our history.

Luce di Carrara is a real innovation. It offers architects and designers a territory, a material, the technology, a unicum with which and from which new paths can be pursued.

The word Carrara becomes a project that will always remind that this territory belongs to the Made in Italy brand.

This is thanks to two qualities: Marble and the Men who, from Michelangelo to today’s young architects, have been able to turn it into work that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

The contemporary world is part of the Luce di Carrara project.

It is the different interpretations of the catalogue products that will make our company an invaluable reference for designing the new.

In addition to our collections of materials, interpreted and proposed by Michael Anastassiades, this new catalogue presents a new series of products designed by Michela and Paolo Baldessari, Lorenzo Damiani, Alberto Meda and Francesco Meda.

Matter and form, architecture and design, featuring a material that is unique in the world and that belongs to the history of ancient and contemporary art: this is Luce di Carrara.

by Paolo Carli


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