For more than 40 years we have been creating design products for people’s homes, offices and public spaces.

Magis was founded in 1976 in Northern Italy, and since then we have developed to become a global design player staying true to our core value: pushing the boundaries of design.

We are constantly searching for novel ideas, new design languages and innovative production methods.

Consequently, our product portfolio is wide-ranging, from the pure to the expressive.

Some might say Magis is eclectic. We say yes, we are. Because uncompromising design requires freedom.


Motta di Livenza, a small community in the region of Veneto in Northeast Italy is the birthplace of Magis.

For centuries this region has been known for its remarkable craftsmanship, creativity and flourishing trade.

In the heart of this vigorous area Eugenio Perazza brought his vision of a modern design company into reality: a place of genuine freedom to explore. 

A place where real design and technological innovation go hand in hand to enrich people’s life with beautiful, useful and authentic products.

The company’s name embodies this idea. Magis is a Latin word that means “more than”.

This philosophy is reflected in every Magis product. By constantly experimenting with new design languages, new technologies and new materials, Magis is always more than ordinary or expected.

Guided by this mission Magis achieved critical and commercial success, and became one of the most influential international design brands.

In 1996, family members Barbara Minetto and Alberto Perazza joined the company.

In the best sense of the word, Magis continued to be a family business: independent and run on family values.

Appreciation, loyalty, respect and a great sense of community are the building blocks of all relations with employees, designers and partners of Magis.

Magis moved to new headquarters in Torre di Mosto in 2010.

On a site of around 98,000 m2, it provided a new home for the logistics and assembly departments as well as all the offices.

A spacious showroom means visitors can see an exhibition of iconic Magis products and get a sense of what Magis stands for.

In 2016 Alberto Perazza was appointed CEO of Magis.

This natural transition has led to a new chapter of Magis, while still staying true to its core value: being the creative and progressive voice of design.

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